Finally pictures of Luna, so you all can see my newly adopted husky.

You got the pictures up already?!

Luna and Nemesis, Nemesis is licking her head.

Slightly blurring because she moved, but shows her markings. (and unfortunately how skinny she is)

A side-long glance at the camera.

Just ignore Xani, she's ugly and unimportant...

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From: [identity profile]

XD! So cute. *smushes Luna and Rifteh together so they can have playtime*

From: [identity profile]

Hopefully she's better with other huskies than she is with other dogs. -hugs her Luna and smooshes with Rifty- She's really possessive of chairs for some reason.

From: [identity profile]

OMG She's so gorgeous! :D Awesome Xani, awesome!

From: [identity profile]

Now, see, Sid HAS to come up sometime, and bring the Wiffer with, so he can play with Luna...

And I can play with both of em XD

From: [identity profile]

Exaactly. When Kristen and I come to see you next week (we're planning to go visit) we'll bring Luna -nodnod-

From: [identity profile]


Visit me..? *hides* Best time to do something like that would be... on Thursday or Friday when I'm off... or sometime during the day on Saturday... but... can call me or email me or something and can talk about it? *nods and shall even give her ubersecretphonenumber out*

Eee! *needs to REALLY clean her apartment now..*

From: [identity profile]

-nods- I'm not sure when or those things but we shall discuss such things. -nods-

Ohh ubersecretphonenumber ooooooooh. -pets Kethy- Don't worry about your apartment, mine = major mess.

From: [identity profile]

Oh, wow, she is gorgeous! I'm sure you'll have her fattened up in no time ;D. She really is beautiful, though, Xani. I love that third picture down. I wish my cats and dog got along as well as yours seem to :-p.

From: [identity profile]

Thanks Shmee. Yeah she's already gained two pounds. My cat, dog and ferrets get alone well. She's not too keen on Terry's parents dogs, but then again she's in their territory so she doesn't know what to do.

From: [identity profile]

Gasp. The visit was supposed to be a surprise, Xani! lol. I JUST BOUGHT A TRUCK THIS MORNING. But I'm still bringing the car to Moncton. Because... well... We can't have the ferret cage in the dump of a pickup, or Luna for that matter if we trek down to visit Keth. Mom doesn't want a dog in the car but SHHH... we'll vacuume it out after and she'll never know the difference. lol. We'll get some more pictures of Luna too, outside, so they come out better. -nods-

Now I must go, for there is truck business to attend to.


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