They finally had a doberman on!

[ profile] justinluv it looks kind of like Apollo! (Only not as handsome.)

From: [identity profile]

Oh my god, adorable! It does look like Apollo... maybe it's a girl, which would explain the snipier head? I'm trying to get used to the fact that not all Dobes have a huge head like Apollo, lol.

How is Grendal? We need new piccies of him, btw. :]

From: [identity profile]

Lol! Yeah Grendal doesn't have a huge head he's dad didn't either though and after all he looks just like his mommy.

Grendal's doing great, he's almost mastered his tricks (sit, down, paw, rise, leave it/take it, come) so we're going to start working on complex stuff.

Yeah I'm going to get some new pictures when Mom and my little brother come down, my breeder's just as anxious as you are. lol. Don't worry as soon as I have them I'll post them. Probably get pictures of the whole motley crew.

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Grendal's parents were gorgeous. I was so sad to hear of Kai dying. :[

Can't wait for new pics! YAY YAY YAY


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