I had a panic/anxiety attack yesterday. I put a slash between the two because it was a combination of both and horribly unpleasant. It was wonderfully preceded by a feeling of absolute dread and betrayal. You know how you feel when you find out someone back-stabbed you? Yeah that feeling.

After recovering I made the conscious decision that I was going to cut out animal protein for a while. I figure thirty days is enough to see a difference and to build a habit. Perhaps I'll go back to meat after the month, perhaps it'll stick -- I don't know but I know it should be a delicious and interesting 30 days. It's not a "detox" but last time I did this (also following an anxiety attack) it helped immensely. I'm lactose-intolerant so it'll be ovo-vegetarianism but with the addition of Lacteese milk. I know I can get all my calcium from dark leafy greens but I like milk on cereal and such exceedingly more than soy milk and it's already in my fridge.

I'll be posting each day of my 30 day adventure similar to the raw food or juice feast experiments posted on Steve Palina's Blog

I'm also hoping to lose weight doing this. Provided I don't indulge in high-fat treats that are still vegetarian (beer and chips anyone?) it should be highly do-able.

Wish me luck.

All the entries will be tagged "30 Day Veg." Feel free to comment or email me (xanister@gmail.com) with recipes, thoughts or even just to say good luck.

ETA: I created a separate blog so I can pimp this outside of LJ. I'm still going to post updates here but feel free to check out 30 Day Veg-Pledge.
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