Here's some pictures, finally that aren't crap. I'll show you one and then the rest you can see on my flickr account. They include Grendal, Luna and three of Terry's parents dogs' Drake: a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Raven: a lab/dobie mix and Spike: a Shepard/husky mix (who we swear has coyote in him)

Grendal watches for intruders.

For the rest, click me.
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( Dec. 11th, 2006 08:05 pm)
Well Grendal is home at last, well he was on Friday but I certainly didn't have time to post about it. The breeder is excited about how quickly he's adjusting. Apparently other pups in the litter weren't eating their first night home, etc.

He's already going to the door and crying about 25% of the time, and eating well/sleeping well. As I type he's sleeping in a box we got from Costco for the cats while Luna attempts to get him to come out and play. She went from bring not at all excited about him being here, to being extremely excited and wanting him to play with her. He's not so sure as she's very big and with the exception of his paws he isn't.

With the exception of two accidents, one on the bed and one about twenty minutes ago he hasn't went to the bathroom in the house. Both were easy to clean and entirely my fault. After all, he cried both times I just didn't get him out the door fast enough. :)

He loves the cats, and I mean loves! He sleeps with Trigger [the youngest] as his pillow, and tries so hard to be friends with Pepsi. She's just really skittish.

Well I need to go do other things that can only be done whilst Grendal is sleeping. I shall update soon with pictures.
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( Nov. 17th, 2006 04:03 pm)
On December 8th at anytime after 5 pm, I can go pick up my new puppy.


Xani is getting another animal. A doberman puppy that no doubt (if you are on my msn) have already heard about. I've thought about naming him Grendal or Varick, Grendal after the monster in the story Beowulf, and Varick is a german name that means "protected ruler."

Luna is going to have a brother! :)

And for those who don't care about text and instead care about puppies:


EDIT: Note that the pictures are huge and that's why they're behind a cut. Still shouldn't take too long, and puppies are worth the wait.
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( Mar. 8th, 2006 09:17 pm)
Finally pictures of Luna, so you all can see my newly adopted husky.

You got the pictures up already?!

and more... )

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That last few days I have to say, all the people I thought were my friends have turned out to be my friends. I love getting comments in my journal and I love talking to people online that perhaps I didn't make time for before. Akumu, Kethy, Kristen, Jassy, Jinny, Sid, Shmee, & Vero it's you guys that keep me going when I feel down. You're there to read about my foolish life, hopes and dreams and you're right there to keep me going.

I know most of my entries as of late have been shelter and spca related and if that's boring I apologise, I'm really excited to get Zuma and right now I think I prefer Luna to Lupa, something about her just calls Luna to me.

I had to post this, and I <3 everyone of you guys for being there for me.


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