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( May. 11th, 2009 01:02 am)
Please Sir can I have some more?

That was my one complaint about the movie, it ended. Ok and it didn’t feature Shatner. The lack of Shatner however was later explained to me as my boyfriend and I talked over timelines and whether or not the whole thing was even possible without alternate dimensions. It isn’t, but Shatner not being there makes sense, look it up.

I haven’t seen the other Star Trek movies so take my opinion as a non-fans’ opinion on a movie that I went to see as just a movie. I wasn’t anticipating or expecting anything, but if I had been, I think it would have blown my expectations out of the water.

For not being a big fan of Star Trek I didn’t find myself lost or clueless about any of the characters, plots or references. I probably would have laughed more if I knew more about the Star Trek universe but I’ve only seen a bit of ST: TOS, most of ST: TNG and a dabbling of ST: Deep Space Nine. This movie operated on (SPOILER) another timeline (/SPOILER) and I was able to sit back enjoy the movie for what it was -- a great movie. Special effects, fan-service and Simon Pegg aside the movie had a solid plot that kept you guessing.

I’ll admit there were a couple times that I would nudge my boyfriend and ask, “Who’s that?” (This occurred only at the very beginning, ashamedly with Bones’ appearance and later with another character) but this didn’t detract from my viewing experience. I just hope the same can be said for my boyfriend.

The special effects were dazzling, the casting of actors to play younger versions of the classic Star Trek crew were amazing and it explained a lot of things that I didn’t understand before. Sure this was a different crew see above spoiler for reasons but told rather quickly with what I’m sure were mentions of Schrödinger’s cat. That’s okay though, I didn’t need more explanation and didn’t want more explanation, I just wanted more.

Moving right along to the casting. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t see Scotty earlier. I went to that movie originally thinking along the lines of, “If nothing else, even if this movie isn’t any good than at least there will be Simon Pegg in an American film.” Boy, was I wrong. There was so much more and although Pegg fans will no doubt love his wonderful, if a bit small part in the movie, they will be rewarded with fantastic acting from everyone.

I have a new respect for Star Trek: The Original Series and like any good “prequel” it’s inspired me to watch TOS fully. I’m not a Trekkie, a Trekker or even a huge fan as Star Wars has always been my niche along with Doctor Who but this new movie has made me think that hey, wouldn’t be half bad to start watching the other shows besides The Next Generation. I still refuse to say Kirk is better than Picard but Young Kirk, well, let’s leave it at that, to me he’s in a whole new ballpark.

It’ll be the first Star Trek DVD to grace my shelves and hopefully not that last. Combine a wonderful movie with IMAX visual quality and sound and you would think that even with a half-assed plot you’ll succeed to rack in the bucks. That’s true for a lot of movies, Titantic springs immediately to my mind for its time, but for Star Trek it isn’t true. HD and digital sound is only so much of the equation.

I think the problem some people had with this movie was to dig into it. They dig and dig and try to find problems with it; whether it‘s continuity, the actors, the special effects etc, some fans will have a problem with it.

I ask these fans to take a step back and evaluate what they wanted to see. Ask themselves if it brings new fans into the fold and they take that first step and watch some classic Star Trek does it make the movie a little better?

Then again, what do I know? I’m a female Sci-fi geek with a preference to Star Wars who hates writing movie reviews. J.J. Abram must have done something right if I’m sitting here writing this instead of reading Doctor Who and Star Wars forums.

Give the movie a chance it’s wonderful.


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