xanister: (wickedbrian)
( Dec. 1st, 2007 11:44 am)
Thanks to some really good chicken dog biscuits Grendal's learning to do some tricks. His "act" includes:
- sit
- down
- paw
- other paw
- Rise (giving both paws and rising up on back legs)
- Speak
- Touch
- Crawl

Crawl & Touch are the two we're working on now, Crawl looks adorable as he army crawls across the floor. I want to teach "roll over" and "Praise Allah" (Head between his paws while lying down) but that's going to take time.

Here, for your viewing pleasure is a poor quality picture of Grendal taken the day of his neuter. Surprisingly he's completely healed and has been for about a week now.

Grendal sleeps and thinks about killing me for all this. )


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