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For the longest time I was fascinated/obsessed with Star Wars, more specifically Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice a series of books written pre-Phantom Menace when Obi-Wan is just a kid. Well one of the characters in that book is named Xanatos. I loved not only the character but the name and soon adapted Xanatos as my online moniker. Problem was people know who Xanatos was so I adapted it to differentiate myself and to avoid being called a guy all the time. This became Xani (most sites think that's too short though) and then Xanister. :)
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Gods I love talking zombie.

Prepared yes with the exception of firearms. I've got everything together should any type of outbreak happen (realistic or otherwise) and having just read the Zombie Survival Guide I feel that I could handle myself. -pets Grendal-

What's scary is that Terry and I have discussed what our stances are if a zombie outbreak should happen. We have roughly the same opinions too which is nice.


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