Aha, the entry so sounds like a drug fantasy. Heh. :)

Went to Scott's last night with Lise, Sophie, Mike, and a'course Scott. Was glad I didn't have to bug Mike for a drive there, especially since he had to leave right at 10 to go pick up Angie. We sewed up 200 dream pillows (bags filled with some herbs and barley) for Boo at the Zoo tonight - thru Saturday. Had much fun making fun of each other, discussing religion and explaining to Lise why tonight was the night to make fun of Lise. Poor woman, she was in such a bad mood at the beginning of the night.

Had Robins Eggs, (little timbits for the canadians and well, Robin's eggs for the USA people) Lise devoured pizza bread and then her and I designed a comic of the pizza bread as the gondola in her stomach and the robin egg the tiny gondola driver. It was fun, if slightly disgusting when you really stop and think about it.

Came home, got to spend time with Terry and made fun of TJ for a bit. Stupid lewser quit his job and now has no money. Well, guess what TJ, you're helping me clean biatch!

Made rice and Terry made hamburger/mushroom soup gravy, and we ate that, then went to bed late after settling the furkids in for the night.

Got up late this morning, as in, missed my bus. Terry was mad as he thought I did it on purpose (I've been bugging him all week to drive me in the morning) but he'd calmed down and we were making fun of things together by the time we got to Compucollege.

Tonight Boo at the Zoo at 4 - 10, then quick shower and staying up late. Yay for no school tomorrow.

Those of you at Souls, all Vorraussetzung replies will be up sometime tomorrow on my day off. I'll be on Trillian all day most likely so hit me up there. :) -heart-

-- Pepsi meds (weren't done this morning)
-- Check to make sure the furkids can be let out after I leave for the Zoo and settled back in bed by 10 or so.
-- Check email
-- Get marks from last module
-- Get costume together
-- Shower
-- Make Terry supper
-- Laundry
-- Tidy
-- Demand TJ do dishes!


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