I hate the flu. I didn't get a chance to actually enjoy my night on the town because of the flu that my wonderful family all had and then passed to me. I was feeling alright at Terry's house, not great but alright and I had a little bit of my Bailey's Irish cream. We went down to the Parrsboro Tavern and I didn't even finish my White Russian, I had perhaps two sips of it and felt so head-coldish and dizzy that I had to go home. I spent the whole night with a fever and basically delirious. Apparently at one point Terry put a cold cloth on my forehead but I don't remember.

I'm finally feeling a little better today after Benelin cold and flu yesterday every six hours, and eating soup and some birthday cake and ice cream. But on to the birthday goodies!

birthday goodies )

Needless to say as I'm this sick and I have exams tomorrow I'm going to try to reply to posts and things but don't expect anything hella good.

And thank you to everyone who said Happy birthday to me on Saturday. <3 to all!


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