I've lost 6lbs in just over a week all thanks to walking and an iPod.

I posted about this on twitter but thought that perhaps 140 characters wasn't enough to get it out. I made a promise to myself just before Christmas that I wouldn't listen to a single podcast or song on my iPod unless I was exercising. Exercise could be cleaning the house, walking the dog, or just going for a walk TO listen to something.

Right now I subscribe to 6 different podcasts all either Doctor Who related or found via Doctor Who. Each vary in length so if I want to go for a short walk or do some cleaning I'll listen to The TinDog Podcast which run around 15 minutes. My hour-long dog walk around 5 in the morning is kept accompanied by Radio Free Skaro, Doctor Who: Podshock or one of Stephen Fry's podgrams. All three help lighten the mood of a long, cold walk in the dark.

Sometimes it's hard to postpone listening to a new episode especially if I've been looking forward to a certain topic or if I'm bored. That's when I get up, invite Grendal or Luna along, grab my iPod and head out. It's got to the point now that the dogs are conditioned to it. They see me take out my iPod and know it's time for a walk. This has helped me even more because if I try to "cheat" and listen to something while sitting still I've got two dogs reminding me that iPod = walk.

It's a simple program that I'm hoping will help get me to my goal of 150 lbs by April, along with healthier eating and breakfast every morning.

So thank you to every person who makes or helps to make a podcast, you might be inspiring someone out there to lose weight and feel better about themselves.

Note: The podcasts listed above can be found through iTunes search. I have no affliation with any of the podcasts except for being a fan.


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