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([personal profile] xanister Jan. 9th, 2008 09:47 pm)
Driver saves boy from attacking dog.

I'm all for saving a 12 year old's life.

But do they HAVE to say in the article: "The dog is believed to be an American pitbull terrier."

and then. "Darwin City Council has seized the dog, which will be destroyed at the request of its owner."

-twitch twitch-

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people are people

There's something similar going around our news.

If it's even possible, it's even more stupid:

"The woman (whose dog was attacked by two unspecified large dogs) believes that one dog may have been a pit bull mix".

Hearsay much?

Ironically, it shows the effect of these news stories on the public. People are more inclined to call vicious dogs a member of a "bad breed", even when they ADMIT TO THEMSELVES they don't know what breed it was. Damn, people are stupid!

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Re: people are people

Indeed they are. On banthedeed (I think that was the site) they have other stories similar to these ones and a lot of them it turned out the dog was a lab mix or something very different than a pit bull. Then again:
I was once told my purebred doberman was obviously a pit bull/black lab mix.

Yes of course, explains the docked tail, long snout black and tan coloration. I obviously know nothing about breeds.

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And I HATE it that they always use that word "destroyed." It makes it sound as though they're not talking about a living thing. You don't "destroy" a creature. You destroy a... fuck, I don't know, a diorama, a Lego model.


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