I think [livejournal.com profile] justinluv can appreciate the humor and yet annoying-ness of this. To anyone else it's still hilarious.

Grendal's learned that hitting his paw on the bedroom door hard enough makes it open. This is because I live in a crappy trailer the door doesn't latch when you close it, just sticks. Well normally this is just annoying since Luna then goes in and twirls on the bed and ruins its 'madeness.' However, the bedroom (down the hall from the living room) is where the ferrets can play. It's the only ferretproofed room in the house that they can run around in without me following them around.

Said Doberman decided after I let the ferrets out that he wanted to go play with them. I hear 'bang bang' on the bedroom door but don't think anything of it. Then the creak that means the door opened and a few seconds later a deaf ferret goes wardancing by closely followed by said doberman. Then two more ferrets run past me.

I might have freaked out if it wasn't for the fact that all three ferrets went into Grendal's crate to play and wouldn't come out. Deli running around it with a french fry (I took it don't worry), Snaks burrowing in the blankets and Dakota just being herself and rolling around.

This only proves what I keep saying. My pets aren't normal. But I still love all of them. Even my: cat that thinks he's a dog, Dog that steals cookies, shy and yet camera hog adoptees, soft drink cat, crazed wolf, and my trio that doesn't do any business. :)


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