Technically they aren't even pictures, they're screenshots of my webcam settings video screen. BUT they do show the doberman.

One of him standing there wondering what the hell I'm doing at the computer when I could be petting him.
One of his eye 'cause it's pretty.
One of him lying on the chair half asleep.

In order to accomplish this I had to juggle the webcam (one of the xbox 360 live vision cameras) AND the keyboard so I could printscreen.

[ profile] justinluv, You inspired me to think of a way to do this. I'm going to attempt again when I have another set of hands and better lighting.

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I wouldn't mind seeing some pictures of your kitties Lupa if you can get them.

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Right now we don't have a working digicam, but once we replace our old one, there shall be pics!

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I INSPIRED XANI!!! <33 Oh Grendal, I love you, you are so CUTE!

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<3333! Of course you inspire me, look at how adorable Apollo is!

Grendal says thank you, or he could be asking to go outside... one or the other. :D


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